"Keepin it Real" curriculum

So What's so NEW about "Keepin' It Real"?

The acronym REAL stands for the four ways students resist drug offers - Refuse, Explain, Avoid, and Leave - and represent the central message of the curriculum. These easy to remember resistance strategies help kids stay away from alcohol, tobacco and other drugs by preparing them to act decisively and comfortably in difficult situations. Students also learn how to assess risk, value their perceptions and feelings and communicate effectively.


Is It Just about Drugs?

No, and that's something new. The "Keepin' it REAL" curriculum is character education and life skills rolled into one complete program. Just a few of the risky behaviors that are discussed with students are the dangers of substance abuse, bullying, and internet etiquette and safety. There is even a complete class for students and parents on the dangers of the "Choking Game", which could be deadly the first time played. More importantly, these important lessons are taught by a uniformed law enforcement officer who has seen the affects of these risky behaviors when students make poor decisions and choices.

Just about drugs? No....it's a complete lifeskills program that helps assist parents during the years when children need it most.

Download the basic KiR Curriculum outline without supplement lessons.

Download the basic elementary KIR Curriculum outline without the supplement lessons.


Does "Keepin' it REAL" really work?

Yes it does, and the curriculum is evidence-based with new research and data to show it's effectiveness. Read the research. The new "Keepin' it REAL" program has been cited as an Effective Program by the SAMHSA, and is included in the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP). As a matter of fact, this new curriculum is ranked among the TOP 3 most cost-effective prevention programs in the United States. For every dollar spent there is a $28.00 benefit! One of the key findings was that curriculum participants reported lower alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco use than students who did not receive the program.

So where is this NEW program being taught in Montezuma County?

The "Keepin' it REAL" program is currently being taught to all 5th and 7th grade classes in the RE-1 school district. Curriculum is also available and will be taught to other grades if requested by teachers. There are approximately 450 students participating in the program every school year and several thousands of students in the county who have the added safety, classroom instruction, and mentorship of a law enforcement officer in their school.

There is also an extended classroom discussion on respect and responsibility as it pertains to bullying, since this behavior is of concern for students, parents, school administrators and law enforcement. Bullying is not what it used to be many years ago. With the advancement of technology and the availability of cell phones and social networks, it has become more of an issue than ever before. Students and adults who bully may be breaking the law and could be arrested. Our goal is to continue to keep our schools safe and to encourage active learning in a safe environment every single day.