Where do I pay my ticket?

Options for making a payment on tickets received are as follows. a.) Cortez Municipal Court office, located at City Hall, b.) through the mail, make check or money order payable to City of Cortez-Cortez Municipal Court, 123 Roger Smith Avenue, Cortez, Colorado 81321 or c.) over the phone 970-565-7952 with a debit card or credit card. There is a drop box behind the west entrance to City Hall for parking tickets and payable tickets with amounts (blue box on pole).

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1. Where do I pay my ticket?
2. Can I pay my ticket without going to court?
3. My juvenile son/daughter received a ticket, do I have to attend court with him or her?
4. Can I get my ticket deferred?
5. Do I have to pay court costs even if I don't go to court?
6. The DMV, Department of Motor Vehicles would not let me renew my license and told me to contact Cortez Municipal Court.
7. Where do I go to complete service hours as part of my sentence?
8. How do I know which Court to go to?